Don’t Download FaceApp Pro Apk on Android | FaceApp Scam

Don't Download FaceApp Pro Apk on Android | FaceApp Scam 1

You are reading this article to download FaceApp Pro Apk but I am sharing a truth behind this scam. The latest hype of FaceApp has made so many scammers who want some quick profits. Scammers have been using a fake “FaceApp Pro Apk” version of FaceApp as bait and have made an effort to spread the word about this fictitious version of the currently- viral app. One form of the scam uses a fake website that claims to offer a premium version of FaceApp. The second type of scam includes YouTube videos and blog posts again promoting download links for a “FaceApp Pro” version.

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What is FaceApp App?

FaceApp, developed by a Russian company called Wireless Lab, allows its user through its fine-tuned AI engine to create their future picture. Launched in 2017, the app is the brainchild of a former Microsoft and Yandex engineer Yaroslav Goncharov.


What is FaceApp Pro Apk?

There is nothing like FaceApp Pro Apk officially. Some unknown developers make changes in the original app to add a few extra features is called FaceApp Pro Mod Apk. They might be scammers who knows.


FaceApp’s Fake websites

Attackers have used a fake FaceApp Pro Apk website that claims to offer the “FaceApp Pro Apk” for free. They are simply making money through this kinda scams.

FaceApp Pro Apk

In reality, the scammers trick their victims into clicking through countless offers for installing other paid apps and subscriptions, ads, surveys, and so on. Victims also receive requests from various websites to allow displaying notifications. When enabled, these notifications lead to further fraudulent offers.


FaceApp Pro Apk on YouTube

Some creators promoting download links for a free “FaceApp Pro Apk”. The shortened download links, however, point to apps whose only function is to make users install various additional apps from Google Play. One of the YouTube videos, seen in Figure 4, has over 150,000 views at the time of writing.



I recommend you not to use such type of FaceApp Pro Apk on your android phone. It may lead you in danger. Try to avoid downloading apps from external sources other than official app stores, and examine available information about the app (developer, rating, reviews, etc.)


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