Teach India Fund – Education Game Changer

Teach India Fund – Education Game Changer 7

Gone are the days that students had to run from post to pillar in banks and Govt Organisations to get loans or scholarships In India. Now funding is just one exam away.

Teach India Fund is a private Fund organizer for graduate studies. They approach Companies and Corporates to fund students from their CSR budgets. The students who qualify and excel in the TIF-CAT exam stand a chance to get their education sponsored and get a job right after their graduation. 

Teach India Fund Grant is a huge step forward to enable students to pursue their dreams. It’s more than a scholarship; it’s a ticket to a successful career. The mentor program, for students who get the grant, engages students to incorporate roles from day one. The student gets a mentor who trains him for 5 years along with the studies and enables smooth corporate training. Students get internships and assignments from mentors and get complete guidance in their courses.

Teach India Fund is an NGO and the biggest Non-Govt scholarship provider in the country. Started in 2018, they have provided funding for more than 180 students. They are growing year after year and this time they have set themselves a target of arranging grants for 500 students.

TIF-CAT or Teach India Fund – Combined Aptitude Test is a unique Computer-based exam that tests the overall potential of the child. It includes both academic knowledge, logic, artistic, general knowledge, current affairs along with sports knowledge of the students. It aims at finding the brightest students who have the urge to learn and excel. The aim is to find Superstars, not Toppers. 

TIF-CAT is also the big equalizer in Education access. Grant amounts exceeding Rs 10 lakh ensures that any student from anywhere in India from the weakest economic background can study at a University of his choice. 

Visit https://www.teachindiafund.com/ to find out more details and to enroll for TIF-CAT 2021.


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