WhatsApp 1000GB free data is a SCAM

WhatsApp 1000GB free data is a SCAM 1

WhatsApp 1000GB free data? Did you get a message on Whatsapp, offering 1000GB of free data? If so, beware of it. It’s a scam, which is spreading rapidly. Researchers at the Cybersecurity firm have received a message on Whatsapp. It says that the app is delivering WhatsApp 1000GB free data. This data is being given to celebrate the app’s 10th anniversary this year.


WhatsApp 1000GB free data is a SCAM


Why WhatsApp 1000GB free data is a SCAM?

The URL used in the scam isn’t an official WhatsApp domain, but if clicked opens an additional page hosting a survey. In this case, if you were to click the link then you would be redirected to a page that asks you to answer a series of questions in the form of a survey.

WhatsApp 1000GB free data is a SCAM
WhatsApp 1000GB free data is a SCAM

You will then be told that there are only a limited number of “rewards left”.

Next, you will be prompted to answer a few questions about how you “came to know about the offer” through another link. The link provided looks suspicious so ideally, you should not click on it and avoid answering the questions.

However, once you start answering the questions, at a point you will be asked to forward the link to 30 other WhatsApp users to get the free data. This is what is called ‘click fraud’ and it basically helps fraudsters make a lot of money.

Security researchers who discovered this scam, however, have not discovered any malicious software or virus linked to this as yet.

This is not the first time a scam has offered ‘free’ things on WhatsApp, there have been scams with the promise of free Adidas shoes and free pizzas from Pizza Hut.


How Scammers Make Money?

They use ads on their website to earn quick money. To make more money they need traffic that’s why they use different methods to make their link viral on social media.


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