How to Change YouTube Banner on Android & iOS 2019

In this article, I am writing a quick way to change YouTube Banner on Android or ios. A few months ago we were able to change our YouTube profile picture and cover photo within the YouTube app but now YouTube has revoked these features from their app. I think it’s a stupid decision. However, we can manage our YouTube account on PC/Laptop very easily but a maximum of creators are using mobile to manage their YouTube channel. So I decided to share a quick method to add or change YouTube banner on android or ios.

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How to Change YouTube banner on Android & iOS 2019

Follow these steps to change YouTube banner on Android & ios

Step 1. – Open chrome browser and Tap on 3 dots and enable “Desktop mode” to activate desktop view on your mobile phone.

Step 2. – Open this link in your Chrome browser once you enable the desktop mode.

Step 3. – Make sure you are already logged in into your YouTube account.

Step 4. – Tap on your channel icon and select “Your channel“.

Step 5. – Now this is your YouTube channel page. Tap on your cover photo and select “Pencil icon“.

Step 6. – Tap on Browse file and select your Cover photo to upload.



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