Download FAU-G Game on Android or iOS

Download FAU-G Game on Android or iOS

Download FAU-G Game: There has been a big announcement after the PUBG Mobile game was banned in India and a game called Fearless And United-Guards is going to be launched soon. The game named FAU-G will be launched soon and the game has been announced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. It is believed that this FAU-G game can replace PUBG Mobile.

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Download FAU-G Game on Android or iOS


What is FAU-G Game?

Right now the name and poster of the game have been revealed. The full name of this game is Fearless And United-Guards and the game will be associated with the Indian Armed Forces. Akshay Kumar wrote in the tweet that the game will also teach players about martyrdom. It seems to be a multiplayer game. It will be available on Android and iOS platforms as well.


FAU-G Game Highlights

  1. FAU-G Game will be released in October End.
  2. FAU-G Game has been announced by Indian game publisher company “nCore Games“.
  3. 20% of the net revenue generated from this game will be donated to “Bharat Ke Veer“.


FAU-G vs PUBG Features

Nothing can be said about the FAU-G game‘s graphics or player experience. However, like the rest of the Battle Royal games, the players will be dropped on the map in this and only the player who survives till the end will win. Being made-in-India, Indian touch can be seen in in-game maps. So let’s download FAU-G game.


How to Download FAU-G Game on Android Devices

To download FAU-G Game on your android phone follow these steps.

  1. Open the Playstore app on your Android phone.
  2. Now type in the search section “FAU-G”.
  3. You should see several results of the “FAU-G” keyword.
  4. Now Open the No. 1 result.
  5. From here you can install the FAU-G game on android phone by tapping on the “Install” button.


How to Download FAU-G Game on iOS Devices

  1. Open the Appstore and type in the search section “FAU-G”.
  2. Now you should have a list of apps on the screen.
  3. Find the appropriate one “FAU-G” app.
  4. Open it and Install it.



Akshay Kumar on FAU-G Game


224 Chinese Mobile App Ban

Let us tell you that India has done cyber attacks on China 3 times so far. The central government first banned 59 Chinese mobile apps, including Tiktok, in June. After this, 47 other Chinese apps were blocked. At the same time, now the government has banned 118 Chinese mobile apps including PUBG. If seen, till now the government has banned a total of 224 Chinese mobiles in India.

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