Why Instagram and WhatsApp are not Working | Facebook Down

why is whatsapp and instagram not working

Why is WhatsApp and Instagram not working?

Why is WhatsApp and Instagram not working? WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook’s services are seemingly experiencing technical glitches since tomorrow morning. The outage appears to be global, with media reports and tweets revealing that the issue is prevalent across Europe, USA and Africa as well. In India, while the WhatsApp chat interface and Instagram posts and stories are active, transferring any form of media, including audio and images, appear to be frozen for now. Yesterday I was uploading a photo on my Instagram handle but it was stuck at the last stage. Then I thought may it’s my internet problem but later when my friend told me about the same issue he is facing then I got it that it’s Facebook server side issue.

why is whatsapp and instagram not working

Fake Viral Messages on WhatsApp

As some users were not aware of Why is WhatsApp and Instagram not working? There are several types of messages. While one claims that WhatsApp is going to be banned in India due to govt policy. Another one claims that the outage was due to “some inconvenience in our satellite connection” and that downloading of photos, videos, and audio clips, etc have been disabled in WhatsApp for one week. Interestingly the message has been signed by Google, which has nothing to do with WhatsApp.

Another message notes that if anyone tries to use WhatsApp between 11.30pm and 6 am, they will be fined Rs 499 by the Indian government.

“Please don’t believe and forward such type of messages.”



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