Advantages of Led Screen Setup: Why Choose Our Rental Led Services?

Advantages of Led Screen Setup: Why Choose Our Rental Led Services? 1

You must have seen permanent LED signs and billboards for advertising and promotions but little do you know the LED screen setup does not need to be stationary or permanent in order to be attractive and catchy. 

Mega Screen has worked and collaborated with hundreds of event organizers for temporary LED screen setup in different award functions, ceremonies, family celebrations, convocations, weddings and etc. 

We excel in providing you the best LED screens in Auckland at a very competitive rate along with top-notch services. Our whole team works with you to pull that event good. Mega screen’s team includes a technician to operate and set up all the LED displays and their equipment. 

Whether you want an LED screen display from small events or huge events like concerts and music parties, our big LED screens can immerse in the environment and make your whole crows go crazy. 

Benefits of Led Screen Set-Up

Here are some advantages of LED screen setup and displays in various events like sporting events, concerts, festivals, seminars and etc. 

Bright, Bold and Attention-Grabbing Displays 

This is perhaps the biggest quality of LED displays. They have attention-grabbing capabilities. They have the capability to showcase a dynamic display that keeps the audience engaged with you in one form.

Not only would the peoples’ eye be glued on whatever you show on the screen but they would also add brightness and uniqueness to the event. You can either play or pause your display message or can use them to showcase your useful content to the audience. 

Unique Content Opportunities 

Our LED screens allow you to display content at an event at your designated times. Throughout the whole event, you can shuffle pictures, videos, messages or any other type of content. You can display one content in a peaceful hour and another thing during the crowd-hour. 

In other words, you can deliver as much content as you like to your audience and even convey useful information about your brand, your sponsors, about the event and etc. This is one of the leading brand marketing strategies. 

Operational from Anywhere

If you are organizing a big event, you might also need multiple big LED screens. Of course, one operator cannot handle all the screens at one time. So, we have a way to operate them from one place through a remote. By controlling them remotely, they can easily be operated from anywhere.

Special Effect in The Festival

Whether it’s a traditional festival or a full swing concert, you need a special effect on the event to make it memorable until the next one. But what can you do to make the event special? Well, LED screens are the answer. 

In concerts and music festivals, you can add special effects in the background using the LED screens. This would not only enhance the singers’ performances but would also at like a cherry on top. In other words, it would make your event stand out. 

Different Backdrop for Different Performances 

The screens’ display can be changed within a matter of seconds. So, if you have multiple singers’ performing for you today, you can use our LED screens to have different backdrops for different singers. 

Increase the Overall Environment to Professional Level 

You would find LED displays in every elite event or a program, even if its an educational seminar. Our LED screens add a good touch to the overall environment and increase your professional level. You would display all the sponsorships and advertisements through our LED screens and you won’t have to run after every attendee to be recognized. 


In a nutshell, we rent out medium to big LED screens for any event –  whether it’s a concert or an award ceremony. The LED displays are just as important to any event like adequate lighting is. So, if you have an event coming up, feel free to contact us.

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