How to Get Verified on Instagram 2019

Get verified on Instagram

How to Get Verified on Instagram 2019

Instagram is a social networking app to share photos and videos from a smartphone. It has more than 600 million users. Instagram has grown very fast in the last 2 years. When you post a photo or video on Instagram, it displays on your profile. Other users who follow you can see your posts in their own feed. Likewise, you can see posts from other users whom you choose to follow. There are so many tricks available for the Instagram app but one of them is in trend these days “How to get verified on Instagram” and How to Get Blue Tick on Instagram.

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What is Instagram Verified Badge (Blue Tick)?

A verified badge(Blue Tick) is a check that appears next to an Instagram account’s name in the search results and on the profile. It means Instagram has confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents.

Instagram Blue Tick

In this article, I am writing a quick tutorial to get verified on Instagram so you can have a Blue Tick on your Instagram profile. Instagram verified Badge is available only for public figures, Celebrities or global brands.


Follow these steps to get verified on Instagram (Blue Tick)

Step 1. Let’s open your Instagram app, Go to your Profile And Tap on the 3 lines at the top.

How to Get Verified on Instagram

Step 2. Now go to the “settings” and find “Request Verification” option and tap on it.

How to Get Blue Tick on InstagramHow to Get Blue Tick on Instagram

Step 3. Now here you will have a quick form which you need to fill up. This form contains Username, Full name, Known as, Category and at the end, you have to upload a photo of your ID. Instagram requires a government-issued photo ID that shows your name and date of birth in order to review your request.

This could be

  1. Driving License
  2. Passport
  3. National Identification Card
  4. Tax Filing
  5. Utility Bill
  6. Article of Incorporation

How to Get Blue Tick on InstagramHow to Get Verified on Instagram

That’s it, Now you have to wait until they’ve reviewed your verification request. Once they’ve reviewed your request, You will receive a notification that you are verified now or you are not eligible to get verified yet.

I applied from my side to get a verified badge on my Instagram profile but they have denied my request as I am not enough a celebrity or big brand yet. LOL!


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