How to Avoid Scams on Upwork and Freelancer

Avoid Scams on Upwork and Freelancer

How to Avoid Scams on Upwork and Freelancer? Well, I explained in my previous article about how you can make money on But there are so many scams are happening nowadays so be careful always. Scammers will get their jobs done by you and then disappear without paying you for your efforts. So Today in this article I will tell you some basic thing through which you can Avoid Scams on Upwork and Freelancer.


Avoid Scam on Upwork and Freelancer


Read the Project Description to avoid scams on upwork and freelancer

Some new freelancers often apply for jobs without reading the project description. Don’t do it ever. Read the job requirements completely. Understand what the employer wants. Good employers mention all the details of their projects clearly in the project description.

If a project invites you to apply for jobs with the title like “WORK FROM HOME! MAKE MONEY up to $200 per hour simply by browsing the Internet! Once you are awarded the job, you must purchase a small manual that will guide you in your daily tasks….” or something like this, most probably that’s a scam.

A good client should tell you at least four things: what they want, what qualification they require, their payment policy and the project duration. And an offering should sound reasonable. Use your common sense here.


Person Name in Project Title

If you see any person named in the project title then don’t bid on that project because that project is not for you but for another person. It’s not a good idea to write a person name in project title so that’s why I consider it as a scam.


Check Employer Profile

Before you bid on any project just check the employer profile whether he is verified or not. If he is verified then you are good to go but if he is not verified then maybe that project is just a scam.
A reliable client should have a payment method verified with the marketplace. Check the client’s ratings and their reviews from the other freelancers. A good employer should receive mostly great reviews and ratings.


Payment Security

Basically freelancing marketplaces like,, etc. take a certain percentage from your earnings. In exchange, you get a secured payment mechanism. For your newer clients, demand up-front payments or escrow protections for fixed priced jobs. Major online freelancing sites provide escrow systems to prevent payment disputes. There are hourly contracts where you can use official time tracker apps provided by freelance marketplaces to log your job-related activities and get paid automatically.

So to Avoid Scams on Upwork and Freelancer, before working on a fixed price contract, ensure that the milestone payment is funded on the escrow. If it’s an hourly job offer, check whether the client’s payment method is verified or not. If yes, then go for a contract, turn the time tracker ON for the appropriate job and then start working. When you have a history with a trusted client, you do not necessarily need to continue using their time tracker. You can use 3rd party time tracking apps like Screenshot Monitor that provide a more convenient way to track your time and communicate the work log to the client. It costs far less than the traditional freelancing marketplaces.


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